Textile printing


Textile advertising with an individual design

Textiles with advertising can be used in many different ways in advertising. In addition to being used as an advertising surface for companies and organizations, they are also used in the private sector by clubs, private individuals and schools. Promotional textiles are a very simple way of demonstrating that you belong to a team and appearing as one for a company. For schools with their final classes, ABI classes and for events and excursions, we have a variety of offers for the small purse.

Through a strong standardization of the processes, the use of modern & innovative IT solutions as well as an efficient design of our supply chain, we are able to offer you the best possible service in combination with low product prices and short delivery times. We are constantly striving to further optimize processes and continuously reduce costs.


Does it need to go a little faster? No problem! We would be happy to put in a night shift for you! You have the option of having your textiles, such as T-shirts, printed in up to 5 working days. Our standard delivery time is currently only 3 - 7 working days.


All textiles are made only with the highest quality printing process refined.

As a specialist supplier, we offer you printed textiles and lettering in cooperation with our partners with very short delivery times” including individual advice. In order to be able to convert your logo or the lettering you have designed into textile lettering, ideally we need a vector file such as that provided by programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Of course, an idea is enough, we will then produce the finished design for your advertising for you. The advantage of vector files is that the data can be scaled without loss. With conventional image formats such as JPEG, PNG or GIF, enlargements are always associated with a loss of quality.

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