Foil lettering



Foil lettering can be used in many different ways in advertising. In addition to being used as a car sticker for your vehicle, the films are also used as window stickers for shop windows or to create signs and exhibition stands. The assembly of the film lettering on smooth surfaces is usually very easy. For your advertising we can, in addition to single-color film lettering, also supply you with film/car lettering as full-color digital print or as multi-colored plots. Multicolored foil stickers are cut color by color, assembled into a complete sticker after cutting and delivered ready to apply on transfer paper.

As a specialist supplier, we offer you foil stickers and inscriptions in cooperation with our partners with very short delivery times” including individual advice. In order to be able to convert your logo or the lettering you have designed into foil lettering, ideally we need a vector file such as that provided by programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Of course, an idea is enough, we will then produce the finished design for your advertising for you. The advantage of vector files is that the data can be scaled without loss. With conventional image formats such as JPEG, PNG or GIF, enlargements are always associated with a loss of quality. Since foil labels are cut from correspondingly colored foils, these foils have 100% sharp edges, even with the largest enlargements. In addition, the films can hardly be distinguished from the paint when used on vehicles. Foil lettering is basically self-adhesive and can also be easily installed by yourself.

We create foil lettering with plotted and digitally printed foils. However, foil labeling should always be made from high-quality foils. We also produce cut foils and letters overnight (cut letters and foil letters). We usually deliver digitally printed film labels in laminated form. On request, your promotional items can be manufactured with very short production times and installed and glued on-site by our partners. Self-adhesive is of course also possible!

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